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Acquiring and retaining front-line workers is critical for any organization, but for those in the 24/7 health care industry, it’s essential. Losing essential health care workers causes downstream issues in scheduling, backfilling and replacing workers, patient care, and more. Workpartners developed a retention risk predictive model to identify bedside nurses and call center workers who were likely to leave within six months.

Key Learnings Include:

  • How to accurately predict talent needs using just human resource, health, or demographic data and more
  • Help predict your human capital costs with data synthesizing based on your unique business challenges and risks
  • Actionable data and insights using our predictive modeling allowing for tailored data and insights at all organizational levels including department level 
You’ll receive:
  • A digital resource and case study from Workpartners
  • Insights on how to leverage large data sets to create a more predictive hiring and retention model 
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