Get a Quick Check of Your Compensation for Your Open Jobs

Don’t let your compensation hold you back from reaching qualified top talent. Sign up for our compensation refresh and receive a compensation analysis of up to 5 roles at your organization in up to two market locations within the U.S. for each role. That’s up to 10 different compensation analysis opportunities for you for just $500.  

This compensation refresh is a great for: 

  • Checking the market rates for specific roles 
  • Evaluating locations and different geographic markets 
  • Benchmarking compensation ranges and rates for similar roles you are hiring for 
You’ll receive:
  • A consultative 30 minute meeting with one of our compensation experts 
  • Current market analysis for up to five different roles in two different markets 
  • Comprehensive report and analysis to dive in deeper
Get instant access to current market salary data for just an investment of $500. 

What You Can Expect with Comp Refresh

30 min. compensation consultation

Review up to 5 roles in 2 U.S. market segments 

Up to the minute compensation analysis 

Custom comp refresh analysis report

New markets insights to improve quality of hire 

Recommendation on the best job titles to target your hiring 

Book Your Comp Refresh for $500

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Book Your Comp Refresh for $500

Frequently Asked Questions

What company is providing the Compensation Refresh?

Workology has chosen to partner with TalentEdgeAI. TalentEdgeAI is a leading provider of workforce and compensation data as part of their integrated recruitment solution.  They leverage data from top compensation providers to provide historical, current, and forecasted insight into salaries and hourly pay rates at a skill, role, experience, and market level. 

TalentEdgeAI extracts compensation data from every job posting and aligns that information to the skills, employer, market, shifts, benefits, and requirements associated with each role. That information is mapped to historical data, spanning four years. This allows the compensation analyst you will be meeting with to provide insight into the best alignment of job titles to candidate search, in addition to a layered analysis of compensation impact on the roles you are researching. This approach provides you with granular, accurate, and up to date information on competitive hiring activity in today’s market.

Compensation data provided can be modified based on your request and interaction with the compensation analyst. Options for data analysis include a report on current salary ranges, suggested job titles, and competing employers. Competing employer details could include their historical hiring volume or a breakdown of their salaries for more precise benchmarking.  Market comparison based on compensation and competitive data can also be provided with a current and/or historical lens to support workforce planning. High level benefits data and trends are also available. During the session, you can note specific data you would like to see included in your report.  

These sessions are designed to support up to 5 roles across 2 markets. However, you can make reasonable adjustments to this based on the timing of the session to look at 1 role across 5 locations or 10 roles in 1 market etc… Should your needs be more comprehensive than what can be included during the session, you will have the option to schedule additional time at the same discount or subscribe to the service for unlimited access. 

These sessions are designed to last 30 minutes, during which time you will get the answers you need directly from a compensation analyst, who will share insights with you real-time.  A summary report of your data will be provided after the session. 

You have the option to schedule additional 30 minute sessions at this same discounted price of $500. Or take advantage of a follow up offer to subscribe for unlimited access at a significant discount. 

You will receive a two page report that summarizes the data you specify with the role and market details you identified. You will also have a deep dive into employer and benefit details that you select during your session. Please see the sample report above. 

Your report should be delivered immediately after your session, however if you require some customization and that timeframe is extended, it will be delivered no later than 48 business hours after your session is completed.

The detail provided about your organization, the roles and skills in question, and the markets of interest will determine the level of insight in your report.

The compensation data, trends, and relevant insights shared within the session and in your report are refreshed monthly to maintain accuracy and relevance for your hiring needs.