Demand Generation Services

Gathering leads for marketing and sales prospects doesn’t have to be daunting for your HR, recruiting, or workplace technology or services. We tap into our expertise to help you reach your idea prospect and/or buyer with our demand generation service offering. Work with us in by flat fee per lead. We offer two different options including marketing leads or booked meetings. Depending on your target prospect, company size and industry prices per lead start at $75 and booked meetings at $250. You set your monthly budget letting us drive qualified marketing and sales prospects to you. 

Our team works with you to craft meaningful messaging, calls to action that convert, and honing in on your ideal lead and/or prospect. We host your landing pages on our site to fully monitor the MQL and meeting acquisition process allowing you to manage your budget and get results. Less time focused on lead qualification and more time spent on meeting with prospects and closing customers. 

New to demand generation this way? Our team also offer content development and design services at an additional fee. Services could include content development, design services, funnel development and automation. 

Our clients work with us on campaigns a minimum of 90 days with an initial flat fee during development and then by pay per lead. 

Examples of our content work for clients

Client Testimonials

Take the guess work our of your demand generation working with our team. Tap into the Workology community as well as our expertise in online ads and digital demand generation. 

Industries and Areas We Specialize In

Human Resources 

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition 

Employee Benefits & Total Rewards 

Workforce Management and L&D

Buyers of All Levels from Executives to Influencers

Global Employment Law & Compliance 

quality focused Demand Generation

A 20+ year HR executive turned entrepreneur Jess started a blog in 2005. She’s been featured by Forbes (twice) as a top 50 career site and resource before focusing her writing, speaking and training in the area of human resources. Workology now reaches over 1,000,000 HR and workplace leaders monthly focused on providing training, resources, and support.

Since 2009, Jess and her team have been providing content development services in all areas of the employee life cycle as a freelance content writer and agency. 

We take a thoughtful approach to how we support clients putting the practitioner first and tap into our community to ensure the resources we develop resonate with your idea buyer in HR, workplace, and recruitment. Increase the quality of your marketing and sales funnel and close clients more quickly. 

We Are Now Accepting Demand Generation Clients for 3 mo. and above projects