Dear Job Seeker,


Two weeks before my daughter was born in December of 2008, my husband got a DM from his boss which led to a surprise phone call telling him that he was being laid off. Our family struggled for a year while I launched my business, returned to work as the sole breadwinner, and struggled with being a new mom. We watched helplessly as our savings dwindled away because my husband was out of work. My husband struggled to find a job for nearly a year in the last recession and I vowed it would never happen again. 

Why am I telling you this?

Fast forward to right now and I feel like I have deja vu as so many of my close friends, family, and colleagues are getting laid off. We are in the midst of a recession and I want to help. So I dusted off my job search templates from my early business days as an HR VP who had a side business as a career coach. I’ve modernized this job search guide, made major updates, and put together a can’t-miss way to help you cut your job search time in half. 

Cut your job hunt in HALF with this resource

Over 20 templates for job seekers to use

Sample resume & cover letters

Proven personal brand strategies

Job search preparation checklist

Fewer interviews and more job offers

The perfect interview technique

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Let's fast track your job search with my 20+ years expertise in HR and career coaching

The hiring and job search landscape has dramatically changed. As a former VP of HR who has hired thousands of people for companies of all sizes, I have the go-to job search resource for you.

With instant access, this 34-page downloadable guide offers tips and tools to help you define exactly what you’re looking for and how to position yourself as the perfect candidate for the role you want. You are paying $29 for something that most career coaches offer for $500, $700, or $1,500.

This guide is for you if:

  • You are currently seeking a job
  • You plan to search for a job in the future
  • You have a job but want to keep your options open
  • You’re not happy with your current job and want to see what’s out there
  • You want to build your personal brand in a new and different way

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