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Dear HR Leader,

Your career trajectory and growth is a very personal thing. I have found the best way to learn and grow is surrounding yourself with small groups of like-minded driven professionals working in the field of human resources.
And most coaching programs, conferences, or events focus on mid or entry level human resources support. In order to accelerate your career, you must take control of your personal and professional development leveraging experts and coaching.

In 2018, I made a personal choice for the first time in my life to fully devote myself to my own personal development and growth. I attended seminars, workshops, hired a coach, took hours of classes and courses, and spent all my free time reading books. This was hard because I was programmed to believe that if I wasn’t working 60+ hours a week I wouldn’t be successful in my job, life, and career. I was wrong.

The real value in my role as an HR consultant and expert was my knowledge, resources, and expertise and not the number of hours I was punching on the clock. Workology’s UpSkill HR Plus Membership is designed to elevate your HR and business knowledge tapping into a network of experts along with driven HR community.

Let me our UpSkill HR plus community level up your HR career.

  • Access to our on-demand training library of 125 hours of SHRM & HRCI pre-approved courses
  • Join us for live trainings on topics important to your career as a change agent working in HR
  • Access monthly live coaching sessions and learn from your coach as well as your community in a safe container

What will you get from the UpSkill HR Plus membership?

This membership gives you access to our on-demand library of training and webcasts along with access to HR Coach Jessica Miller-Merrell as well as her network of business and HR experts designed to support you in your HR career from the inside out.

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UpSkill HR Plus - Monthly & Annual

Personalized professional and personal development accelerates your learning putting you in the driver seat of your career.

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Executive Coaching & Training for HR leaders that feels like it’s custom but in a group setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The Membership Program Start and Finish?

This is a monthly or annual membership coaching and career development program. You will have access to on-demand training and support along with live training and group coaching. If you are unable to attend the live sessions, these will be made available on-demand for you.

Your access is either monthly or annually depending on the subscription option and course you have selected. As mentioned before, we are 100% committed to adding even more bonus content (we love all things human resources and enjoy adding new resources) as well as bonus interviews with awesome HR leaders. After enrolling, you will have access to all of it for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Workology’s UpSkill HR Plus membership is a customized group coaching and professional development membership for HR leaders looking to accelerate their learning and career working in human resources. Members will have access to on-demand courses as part of our regular UpSkill HR course plus access to monthly live group coaching and live training on topics designed to accelerate their learning to increase their earning potential as well as the likelihood they will be promoted into new roles. Workology UpSkill HR Plus members will have additional development opportunities and options including workshops, retreats and conferences available at a discounted rate.

Workology’s UpSkill HR Plus program is ideal for anyone looking to gain advanced knowledge and support in human resources. This membership will benefit experienced HR professionals working in HR and/or a leadership position who are looking to fast track their career while also giving them access to trending topics and information to better support themselves as well as the organizations they support.

If you have monthly or annual access to our Workology courses, you can cancel your course access at any time. Log into your course at Visit your account dashboard to cancel your account. Contact our help chat at the bottom right hand corner of the site for support. Our team works Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM CST and we usually respond to questions within 24 hours.