Using AI for HR and Recruiting in the Age of Chat-GPT

November 16th at 12 PM CST

Nearly one in four organizations reported using automation or AI to support HR-related activities, including recruitment and hiring, according to a 2022 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). And according to Gartner research, 76% of HR leaders believe that if their organization does not adopt and implement AI solutions, such as generative AI, in the next 12 to 24 months, they will be lagging in organizational success compared to those that do. In this session, we’ll touch on broad uses for AI in HR and Recruiting, but talk more specifically about practical uses for generative AI (GenAI) tools like Chat-GPT that can support your daily tasks. Digitizing Talent author and Workology founder Jessica Miller-Merrell will walk through real-world examples of how to write prompts that deliver what you need to work faster and smarter.

Presentation focus areas:

  • Understanding what and how to ask generative AI tools to get the best results
  • How to use Chat-GPT to assist you with everything from candidate outreach to offer letters to HR policies and internal emails.
  • How to structure your generative AI prompts so that you can get information without disclosing proprietary information (and company policy recommendations for GenAI usage).
  • How to be the expert on your team for using Chat-GPT as a tool for productivity.

Using AI For HR And Recruiting In The Age Of Chat-GPT​

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