Find out how to use your employee data to increase profitability

Every company collects data about its employees’ benefits use, but not every company uses that data strategically. Find out how Workpartners® helps you analyze and evaluate your data to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization. We help businesses transform data into plans and policies that help at-risk employees—and lower benefit costs.

Workpartners® is a leader in integrating and analyzing data across the full breadth of organizations. We break down internal data silos to gather all the information needed to create a comprehensive Predictive Risk Analysis. We make it easy to combine different datasets by working directly with vendors to gather, format, and intake data. This leaves our clients free to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Key Learnings Include:

  • How to incorporate nontraditional HR data allowing you to offer creative solutions and resources to support your employees and business 
  • Help predict your human capital costs with data synthesizing based on your unique business challenges and risks
  • Resources to help you develop a population resource anlysis or PRA for your employee populations  
  • Go beyond traditional data silos in your HR and employee data 
You’ll receive:
  • A digital resource and case study from Workpartners®
  • Insights on how to leverage large data sets to help eliminate risk and lower costs
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Find Out How Workpartners Can Help Make Sense Of Your Data

Find Non-traditional Data Sets Assisting in Predictive Analysis 

Leverage Data to Decrease Costs in Employee Offerings and Policies 

Reduce Safety Expenses & Revenue Lost in Absenteeism  

Go Beyond Claims & Other Risk Analysis   

Learn What Data Allows For More Accurate RPA

Break Down Internal Data Silos To Improve Processes and Systems 



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